Friday, April 5, 2013

It's been a while

It has been almost four years since last I wrote anything here. A lot has happened to me. I spent a total of two years as staff for YWAM Pittsburgh; I took one year of university at Moody Bible Institute; I got married to my wonderful husband, Victor; and now I am in Canada. In between everything more has happened but life is a long story to tell in detail.

Our "Christmas tree" seems to be dying. I'm sad for it. It's nothing big but it's one of the only plants we have inside. I've enjoyed seeing it in our small living room, if it wasn't dying it would make this room quite a happy place (not that it isn't already). On the other hand our other house plant is doing superbly well. It seems Aloe Veras are quite good at not dying. Our apartment doesn't get a lot of sun so we probably should get more hardy plants for inside. Outside we recently planted some chives and parsley. They look quite nice outside our bathroom window!
There's a neighbors cat that likes to wonder around on the roof next to our window and the other morning I saw a small hole in the dirt of our plants, it might not be the cat's doing but it is conceivable. The other suspects on my list are: a crow, another type of bird, or a squirl. I can't imagine another perpetrator being on that roof for any reason. Maybe I'll see who the culprit is some day. Or perhaps it was just a one time occurrence and they won't come back.

That's all I will bore you with today. I might keep updating this or I might not. It really depends on how fun I think this was after the fact. It was a bit fun and slightly frustrating changing the format/background.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Baltimore, Scotland... where next?

Almost a week after getting back from Baltimore. It was a great time and I enjoyed getting to talk to people and making new friends! Next stop... Scotland! On Wednesday, July 29th, I will be getting on a plane to go! I've never been to that part of the world before so I'm really excited to be going! Have I told you how much I love to travel! I should probably bring my camera with me... I usually forget and then if I do bring it I forget to take pictures. This time I will strive to remember a camera and that I can take pictures with it.

Monday, June 22, 2009

VBS & random

Lat week was VBS! I was in charge of the crafts! I realized that crafts is amayzingly fun, even when the crafts are for little kids. I had so much fun that the rest of the kids liked it too! One day I had them all make paper airplanes because the lesson for that day was that God gives us strength so that we can soar... from that verse... um... I don't remember where it is. Everyone went wild! Most of them knew how to make their own paper plane. The rest got ideas from friends and I helped out only a little. It didn't take very long to make the craft but then we got to play with them! There were kids running back and forth, getting airplanes stuck in random places (and me being a bit short having to contrive of a way to get them down), and me getting hit a hundred times getting caught in the crossfire!
For those who wish to read somthing other than VBS:
The other day I realized that I have a lot of friends (especially on facebook). I was looking at the people that I talk to the most and found that with all of them, either I had met them for a week and after that never seen them again... or I just have never seen them! But they were the ones that I talk to the most. The rest of them (excluding family) I talk to rarely, if at all. It seems that I have a whole bunch of new friends and my old friends are drifting away... like that song... (I'll get back to you on that... can't remember it right now). But my old friends I'm starting to talk to again, maybe that's what brought up this observation.

Monday, November 10, 2008

What is happening in my life?

Wow, it has been a while since I last updated this... I just can't seem to keep track of my life. Let's see in October I went to Ohio for a couple days for an auction we (the children's ministry) were putting on to raise money. Then about a day later I was with a team in Lancaster, PA. It was extremely fun! We were there to get people interested in missions and possibly coming to this YWAM Pittsburgh base for Joshua Generation (a program for teens to learn and go on a short outreach) or Decipleship Training School (a five month program for after you graduate high-school, consisting of training and outreach). We met a whole bunch of great people and our host families were wonderful and very hospitable. I've decided that I love to travel and would be very happy to go as much as possible. My sister, Deborah, just had a baby girl... Risanna Peper Lyn Kerr! You can see pictures on Andy Kerr's blog. I'll be going there for Thanksgiving, so I'll get to see my new niece and my other niece and nephew... along with Deborah, Andy, and of course Paul. I'm so excited to see them and I just can't wait. Oh, just recently... starting Nov. 1 I started writing a 50,000 word novel for a competition type thing... it's writing a novel in a month and ends Nov. 30. To tell the truth I haven't really gotten very far with it. I have the whole idea in my head but I found out that it takes time to write it all down or type it, as the case may be. But I'm going to try very hard to finish, it will be my first ever novel to have an ending and it's so exciting that I must finish and that's almost the only reason I'm doing it. Well, that's it for today... nothing much other than that is going on in my life... except for the cold weather coming in (it's starting to get so cold).

Thursday, September 18, 2008

A little of my thoughts

God's Way. So complicated... or maybe it's actually simple and we, as humans, complicate it. Either way there is no one who can understand it. If we were able to understand it, life would be alot harder... us trying to make the plan work instead of living life and relying on God. Example: God's plan - May goes through a time of isolation to learn about My Way. Me - Knowing God's plan I will skip the isolation and learn about God's Way myself. Result - I think I learned about God's Way but it never got into my heart. Solution - If I don't know God's Way and why, I'll be in isolation and really learn; listening to God because He knows what He's doing. Of course life is alot more complicated and has more variables. So that I will probably learn more lessons or it might be the end of a lesson or the beginning of another, probably all of them. So, taking all that into account I probably would mess things up by getting confused and doing the opposite of what I need to do and what God wants me to do.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Last night the new DTS (Decipleship Training School) and most of the staff did a heroes bowling night... so here I am as Link...

Monday, September 8, 2008


Sometimes I come up with random ideas, right now it's time... enjoy my thoughts!

In time you see the flowers bloom and watch trees grow. If time were only to be in spurts it would be a lot more noticeable… you go through life bit by bit and can see time. You walk down the road and time is not… then suddenly you’re there at your destination. You sit in a park and watch life and suddenly the trees are bigger and the clouds have left. You walk down the street, a beautiful sunny day, and it starts to rain when time turns on. It would be like being in a dark room… walking in pitch black and then the light is turned on and you see that you’re half way there, the lights turn back off and on and now you’re at your destination… knowing that you walked that far but not seeing anything when the lights were off. If time jumped in a constant rhythm then it would be easy to have a schedule based on time. It would be known that time would jump from 8:00 to 10:00 and so people would know how to deal with time. But if time fluctuate abnormally, at random places and jumped randomly so that days might be jumped and minutes skipped… it would be impossible to tell time, to understand weather patterns, to know even what day it is and would be in the next jump. Everyone would be prepared for any weather and not be time oriented at all... living with no concept of a clock, for a clock would be a useless thing... you wouldn't be able to watch time go by on the face of the clock... looking minute by minute until your time arrived for time would jump, one minute you're waiting and the next your ready to leave.